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About Us

Since 2013 Credit Conversion has been diligently working with hundreds of clients to convert consumer credit scores. Located in Avon, MA, our clients span the entire United States with one common goal, converting to great credit. We not only work on credit improvement but credit score sustainability. After you leave our care, we want to ensure you know all there is to know about your score and ensure that you have the behavioral tools needed to maintain your new score.

Client Centered Service Credit conversion is focused on the client first. No two credit profiles are alike. We consider you and your unique needs first. Our Customers Mean the World Credit is a sensitive matter. We do not take this lightly. Your trust in our service means that you have chosen us to work with your most precious financial asset. We value this opportunity tremendously

|Strategy| Education, Behavioral Elements, and Consumer Resource. |Mission|To improve your credit score in a timely fashion through our score conversion program specifically designed with your unique needs in mind. |Vision| Through our repair and training, it is our vision to see all of our clients repair and maintain near perfect credit scores

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    Nathalie and her team at Credit Conversion are knowledgeable and professional. Nathalie truly knows what she is talking about and has given me the tools and resources I need to get my credit back on track! Her service is great for those who need help fixing their credit and for those who want to do it on their own but just need to know where to start. I would definitely recommend Credit Conversion.

    Kim Roberts (GoogleReview)

    Previous Client
  • Google Reviews

    My experience with this company has been such a positive one. They’re approach to assisting you with becoming knowledgeable about credit and how it works is very genuine. The advice given is always the best and anything they recommend, you should try because it ends up leading in the right direction. Definitely would implore you to reach out to them for all credit repair needs or investing advice.

    Tracey-Ann H (Google Review)

    Current Client

Frequently Asked Question

We are located in Avon, MA. There are no other physical offices, however, we work remotely with clients from all over the country.

Yes, we take the upmost security measures to ensure that any sensitive information shared with us is not susceptible to being compromised.

Credit Conversion works by creating a two tier system. One on end, we are diligently working to remove inaccurate, outdated and untrue information from your credit report. On the flip side, we are providing you an education training course that will increase your chances of maintaining your improved score.

Yes, we offer a free 15 minute consultation to determine what your unique needs are as a client. This is also a great opportunity to discuss any questions you may have and give more detail about what services we offer.

Credit Conversion is different from other credit repair companies because we truly get it. Understanding credit is not something you’re born knowing and credit card companies sometimes prey on our ignorance. Every individual that works within our company has gone through our proven system or knows a person who has . They believe in and understand why credit repair is so important. Also, credit conversion is different because we understand that the repair is only one part of the process. Without proper guidance and training you are bound to repeat the same mistakes again. We walk with out every step of the way in our lifetime program to ensure you receive an in-depth understanding of what affects your score.

This is a very valid question. Length of repairs depends on your unique needs and the amount of work that needs to be completed on your behalf. The goal is always to get it done as soon as humanly possible, however, there are a number of factors that determine the length of time. Once you’ve had your initial consultation, one of our consultants can give you a better idea of how long your particular profile will take.

Even within a proven positive item, within the information being shared, there may be inaccuracies. When you have a negative item it may be yours, but is all the information contained within the negative item accurate? Even positive items you know to be yours are worth taking a look into. This is what we spend time determining and disputing. Additionally, even with a negative item, there are certain measures that can be taken to remove some of its impact on your credit score.

Credit repair is absolutely important!

Credit is arguable more important than cash in our society. Without good credit, it is much much harder to qualify for the simple luxuries of life. Lastly, with poor credit, you’re more likely to pay higher interest fees. Having poor credit is costly!

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