Credit Conversion

On boarding with Credit Conversion has been life-changing. My score has went up over 100 points and wouldn’t have been possible if I attempted to build my credit on my own. Nathalie is very knowledgeable and really takes the time to consult you on money habits, credit factors and debt management. If you’re on the fence, you should definitely sign up for their services!

Gaelle B.
Credit Conversion

Nat’s attention to detail really puts me at ease. I knew she was going to comb through everything when advocating for me. In the process, she teaches actionable skills and habits that will serve life long as long as they are being applied. Credit conversion doesn’t only help with only credit, this service truly elevated your life. Once you begin to understand everything you’ll see how deeply credit affects your life! Get in contact with Nat, And get a free consultation!

Greg S.
Credit Conversion

Three words: professional, educational, effective. The owner educated me on credit and managing it. A total of 27 items were removed which has increased my score by 110 points-which has brought me closer to buying a home. Thank you!! Highly recommend.

Valerie B.
Credit Conversion

Nathalie and her team at Credit Conversion are knowledgeable and professional. Nathalie truly knows what she is talking about and has given me the tools and resources I need to get my credit back on track! Her service is great for those who need help fixing their credit and for those who want to do it on their own but just need to know where to start. I would definitely recommend Credit Conversion.

Kim R.
Credit Conversion

My experience with this company has been such a positive one. They’re approach to assisting you with becoming knowledgeable about credit and how it works is very genuine. The advice given is always the best and anything they recommend, you should try because it ends up leading in the right direction. Definitely would implore you to reach out to them for all credit repair needs or investing advice.

Tracey-Ann H.
credit conversion

I wish I can give Credit Conversion 10 stars. The information I have gained from Nat has been very valuable. If you need to repair your credit or learn more about building credit I would recommend her without any reservation.

Steven L.

I am grateful to have consulted with Nathalie from Credit conversion, her advice was spot on. I wanted to increase my score by 20 points in a very short amount of time with the goal of getting a mortgage. She gave me one piece of advise that Increased my score instantly. I would have never known this without Nathalie. Mortgage approved and currently in the search for our new home.

Clara D.
Credit Conversion- Testimonial- Herby D.

Let’s start with satisfying. Very knowledgeable and understanding, listening to my needs and concerns. I really felt I was getting helped and not just fed a bunch of information I couldn’t understand. Credit Conversion started with a conversation and ended with tips along with realistic goal achievements. Thank you

Herby D.