Please note the following:


If you are accessing Credit Conversion through the Internet and requesting use our services to help you improve your credit and credit scores; please understand that we are a Massachusetts based business and that our Terms of Use are executed within the State of Massachusetts.

Credit Conversion operates by the Federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA).  Please click to read the required Consumer Information Statement.

Credit Conversion is NOT a law firm and does NOT offer legal advice.

Unauthorized practice of law is illegal.  We do not create the customer or client perception that we are a law firm. If a situation arises that requires legal counsel, we encourage the customer or client to seek legal advice from an attorney.

Credit Conversion cannot remove verified and accurate information from your credit reports. This is an illegal and fraudulent practice Credit Conversion does not engage in.

Credit Conversion does NOT offer any lending services.

Credit Conversion is NOT a realty or real estate company.

Credit Conversion is NOT a debt-clearing company.

Credit Conversion IS affiliated with some credit reporting agency or credit monitoring service.

It is the primary function of Credit Conversion to provide credit score education and coaching and to help you legally and ethically remove outdated, inaccurate and unverifiable information from your credit reports that are negatively impacting your credit scores.

IT IS NOT the sole purpose of Credit Conversion to raise your credit scores.  Raising your credit scores is a by-product of our program which entails credit score coaching, removing inaccurate and unverifiable items from your credit reports and you paying your collections, balances, and bills on time.  Any activity done by the client as a result of mismanaging your credit profile (for example: late payments new collection account(s) and eliminate any credit score increase that occurred as a result of the performance of Credit Conversion.  An unpaid collection or charged off account that is still reporting during the current reporting period or during the repair may continue to keep your credit score from increasing.

Our credit repair fees do not include the initial one-time enrollment fee.

Credit Conversion requires no upfront payment to complete deletions or negotiations or other related repair cost. Fee structure and cost will be outlined thoroughly upon lifetime enrollment.

Repair results vary from person to person.