Credit Concierge Program

Credit Concierge

Credit Concierge Program

Our  Credit Concierge Program allows you to work closely with one of our trained debt management professionals to accelerate repayments of credit card interest-bearing debt. In addition to your personal consultant, clients will receive:

  • Debt Free Date Analysis
  • Unlimited monthly e-mail correspondences
  • Personalized monthly repayment report
  • Bi-monthly conference calls (clients are anonymous)
  • (4) Monthly  one-hour calls for personalized service
  • Monthly re-payment updates and progress reports
  • Personal consultant to oversee repayment
    • Ensure payments are made on time
    • Set up reminder prompts
    • Call and handle accounts on your behalf

This program is the right fit for an individual looking to reduce their debt impact and subsequently improve their credit score.

Please contact our office if you need more information 1-888-775-3777 or

Consumer information regarding your credit can be found on the Federal Trade Commission Site as well.

Credit repair is absolutely important!

Credit is arguable more important than cash in our society. Without good credit, it is much much harder to qualify for the simple luxuries of life. Lastly, with poor credit, you’re more likely to pay higher interest fees. Having poor credit is costly!

Even within a proven positive item, within the information being shared, there may be inaccuracies. When you have a negative item it may be yours, but is all the information contained within the negative item accurate? Even positive items you know to be yours are worth taking a look into. This is what we spend time determining and disputing. Additionally, even with a negative item, there are certain measures that can be taken to remove some of its impact on your credit score.

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