Credit Restoration Services
In this lifetime membership, our representatives engage in an aggressive negotiation process to eliminate negative items and improve your score. Clients are granted access to a portal with unique credentials to see their repair in real-time. Furthermore, representatives look into all five credit factors (payment history, account mix, inquiries, debt usage, credit length). A complete analysis is complete of the items affecting your score will allow the client to understand the changes that need to be made and steps that need to be taken to improve score. Lastly, based on the information gathered in your analysis, consultant generate an in-depth report the details step by step effective techniques employed by our credit professionals to lower interest rates, negotiate debts, transfer balances, or consolidate debts.


Personal Repair Counseling
You can fix your credit alone. Many people are afraid to do it alone because there are a lot of moving parts. With the help of our credit counselors, you are guided along the way and provided with the resources and tools you need to ensure you get the same results you would have if we were doing the repair for you.
Personal repairs also come with an in-depth score impact assessment and credit improvement training. Our clients walk away confident to navigate the credit landscape.


Credit Concierge Program
Our Credit Concierge Program allows you to work closely with one of our trained debt management professionals to accelerate repayments of credit card interest bearing debt. In addition to your personal consultant, clients will receive:

  • Unlimited monthly e-mail correspondences,
  • Personalized monthly repayment report
  • Bi-monthly conference calls (clients are anonymous)
  • 4 Monthly hour call for personalized service
  • Monthly re-payment updates
  • Personal consultant to oversee repayment,
    • Ensure payments are made on time,
    • Set up reminder prompts
    • Call and handle accounts on your behalf


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