How you can write with us.

Want to share your expertise with Credit Conversion? We’re looking for guest writers that are interested in providing new, engaging, and valuable content to the site.

Please see our guideline below.

Guest Writer Guiding Principles

Credit Conversion is a site that gathers valuable and actionable insights to help our site visitors make informed credit decisions. Credit can be one dimensional at times, but we are looking for individuals that can add depth to the topics.

Here are a few topics you can cover when you write with us:

• Credit Updates
• Credit Trends
• Consumer Credit Behavior
• Anecdotal Credit Improvement Tips (w/disclaimer)

If these or other topics interest you, please reach out to to pitch your potential topic to our lead media team member.

Accurate information
Valuable information
Information that is applicable and gotten results.


• Content is curated specifically for Credit Conversion and has not been shared with other publications.

• Article tones and style is informative and professional.

• Information is not overtly biased. Attempt to be impartial. There are exceptions with stories that are submitted as features, but they will be reviewed.

• Content is not intended to be used as a way to promote your company or other competitors. (You will be able to provide a bio (no more than three sentences) with a link back to your site and a professional headshot)

• Topics are related to credit or variables that affect credit.

• Pitches should reflect new information not already covered by Credit Conversion.

• Quotes or citations should be properly ascribed to the proper party.

• Credit Conversion typically looks for content that is between 600- 800 words in length.

• If you are submitting an image to go along with your content, please be sure it can be used without any copyright infringement.

Refer to the following article as an example of a post that meets our standards:

Please send your pitch or completed article to

We may edit or make changes to submitted content to maintain the standard of content we desire. We will let you know of the changes made before the article is live on the site.